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2011 Sziget Blues Pub

„Blues is the show of life!”

As this year's stage concept came to alive - jazz and jazz-blues bands have been invited mostly.
The great quality of music that appeared on the Blues Pub stage attracted a huge audience!
The concerts of the traditional bands /from folk to rhytm & blues/ changed the athmospher and shaked up the listening-sitting feeling.

As a new thing we started the night bluesbeat parties (Blues Mix Party), which was really missing from the Hungarian blues life.
This new style of music brough closer the younger generation to blues music, as well!
Our guest from the Netherlands, Jan Mittendorp helped us in this mission with the Hungarian DJs; Szabi Máté, Boogie, Rasta Kovács, Andor.

As part of the bluesbeat Jácint Jónás made blues feeling-like effects for the music. This visual was the first in our Blues Pub stage history and even very unique in the music life of the blues.
The professional group gathered on the stage and started to trample the New Blues Path, which also means a different and new approach in cooperation.
We deputed foreign promoters and fortunately we could invite so many bands: it helped to the international flowing!
We pumped new blood into the drying vein of blues life.

The Blues Pub would like to give the following titles: this year’s Best Jazz Band was the Full Playback, while the Best Blues Band was the Gyo CC & Band from Amsterdam consisting of teens.
Next to these titles we have to give the Best Show title to the Rockability Best of.
The Most Visited concert title goes to the Royal Express band!

The Blues Pub’s featured solists and worldclass solos:
György Szappanos- bassguitar, Gergő Borlai - drum, Ferenc Muck - saxofon, Gyo Kretz – solo guitar, Sharon Harman - drum, Gábor Kovács - piano.

We could experience the pub feeling and also the great party mood!

Thank you again for your music!


Andor, Eszti, Mariann


GOCOO - Japan’s Magic Drummers 19th of Juy, 2012 - GYULA, Várszínház, 20:30 20th of July, 2012 - Budapest at Budapest Park, 20:00
The 2012 Sziget Blues Stage's official program.
Balkan Boogie: Wombo Orchestra (FR), Mississippi Big Beat, Savages y Suefo live act.
R33 - 1st of December. 9 pm. Mississippi Big Beat.
December 1 - R33 - 21:00. Mississippi Big Beat!
Irány Brighton! A Mississippi Big Beat zenekar kalandjai Nyugat-Európában.
Short video of the concert of the Mississippi Big Beat at Sziget Festival on the Blues Stage.
Summary of the one week of Sziget Festival
Hundreds of radio stations, diferent types of musics, from many countries.