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Irány Brighton!

Go Brighton!


Big Beat is working on its album for 9 months already! New songs are coming, the band does not stops - not even for a minute.

CSABA ’BOOGIE’ GÁL - vocal, guitars
ANDOR OLÁH – blues harp
DURE – electronic drum, DJ
SZABI MÁTÉ – vocal, DJ

The alchemists arrived with the slang of rap, the nectar of folk music, the rhythm of bigbeat and they mixed these ingredients in the smoky pot of blues and accidentally fell into it a bit of magic mushroom, too!
Csaba ‘Boogie’ Gál and Andor Oláh played together through more than ten years and brought closer the audience to the black-rooted base of blues music and showed the path to the younger generation who is following their steps now.

The current line-up creates a mixture from the old band’s experiences and from a new, unique, fresh sound – the visual background is strengthening the overall effect!
The electronic music background is to be provided by Szabi Máté /Secta Chameleon/ and Dure (effects, electronic drum).
This year we are celebrating the 100th birthday of the father of blues and respected renewal of the genre: Robert Johnson.
The Mississippi Big Beat continues to modernize the genre, the blues basics are boosted up with electronic loops and effects and they take the ‘20s music into the 2011's sound!

The show builds up from the songs of the 20s and 30s and we are arriving to the big beat sound finally.
The Hungarian apostles of the Blues Beat are now launched to the international seas of Nu Blues with great success abroad!
At the concerts everyone can hear songs from the upcoming album which is coming out in 2012 in the UK!

A little music experince:


GOCOO - Japan’s Magic Drummers 19th of Juy, 2012 - GYULA, Várszínház, 20:30 20th of July, 2012 - Budapest at Budapest Park, 20:00
The 2012 Sziget Blues Stage's official program.
Balkan Boogie: Wombo Orchestra (FR), Mississippi Big Beat, Savages y Suefo live act.
R33 - 1st of December. 9 pm. Mississippi Big Beat.
December 1 - R33 - 21:00. Mississippi Big Beat!
Irány Brighton! A Mississippi Big Beat zenekar kalandjai Nyugat-Európában.
Short video of the concert of the Mississippi Big Beat at Sziget Festival on the Blues Stage.
Summary of the one week of Sziget Festival
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