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  • Bluespatika Jamboree
  • Bluespatika Klub a Gödörben
  • Sziget fesztivál - Blues színpad
  • Magyar dal napja – örömzenei és blues színpad
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"The basis of our work is to acquaint the approach of the experience came from traditions. To show this purified world to the audience through the forms of arts which are always reflects a feeling. To be together, to be in a family atmosphere and to practice the different ways of communications is very important for us. Our aim is - as organizers - to give this experience to more and more people." Andor Oláh

Jamboree Production Agency was found in 2004. Our main activity is to organize concerts and festivals. We are always up to date in the musical industry and monitor new trends and new bands.

The beginning:

Blues Pharmacy Foundation
It was founded by Andor Oláh in 1998. Its aims are to acquaint the Blues with everybody to extend it. The foundation supports young talents. Give out recordings and take it into archives. We organize an International
Blues Pharmacy Festival every year since 1998. We invited such guest like Sugar Blue, Soul Full Heavenly Stars etc.

From 1999 we joined to the organization of Sziget Festival. We make the whole program of the Blues Stage. Lot of famous bands from all over the world (Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, USA, Jamaica etc.) performed on the stage. /Deák Bill Blues Band - HUN; Takács Tamás Dirty Blues Band - HUN; Big Daddy Wilson and Mississippi Grave Diggers - USA - GER -HUN, Lord Bishop and Rocks, Desney Bailey – USA; SharrieWilliams and the Wiseguys - /USA/.

Beside the Blues Pharmacy Foundation we worked together with Fonó Music Hall from 2000 till 2004. We set up the Fonó Production Agency which profession was to organize World Music productions concerts and booking them to Hungary and especially to Europe. We booked concert tours and made media appearance for domestic and foreign bands. /e.g. Makám, Kálmán Balogh, Mihály Dresch, Baba Yaga, Parno Graszt etc. / We organized the whole program of Village Öcs on Valley of Arts Festival.


  • Sziget Fesztivál - Blues Színpad /1999 ago/
  • Művészetek Völgye, összművészeti fesztivál, Öcs falu /2000 - 2005/
  • Blues Patika fesztiválok /1997 ago/
  • "Idill" Jazz Fesztivál, Baja /2004 ago/
  • "kulTÚRa" Mezőtúri Fesztivál /2004/
  • Nemzetközi Mountainbike Találkozó kulturális programjai /2004/
  • Full of Mojo - blues táborok /1997 ago/
  • Nemzetközi Tubás Konferencia 2004
  • Kazincbarcikai Jazz-Blues Fesztivál /2007/
  • Rolling Blues Baja /2007/
  • Budapest blues Jamboree 2009 ago
  • Mississippi Delta Blues Fesztivál turné 2008 ago
  • Magyar Dal Napja

Top Hungarian Tours

  • Soul Full Heavenly Stars [USA] - gospel
  • Honeyboy Edwards [USA] - blues
  • Big Lucky Carter [USA] - blues
  • Steve James [USA] - blues
  • Hans Thessink  & John Sass [USA] - blues
  • Louisana Mojo Queen [USA]  - blues
  • Big Daddy Wilson [USA-D] - blues
  • Sharrie Williams [USA] - gospel
  • Breeze Gospel [USA-NL] - gospel
  • The Carroll Family [USA] - gospel
  • Christoph Schiransky [P] - jazz
  • Ron Ringwood (USA) - blues
  • Paul Lamb & The King Snakes (GB) - blues
  • Hubert Tubbs (USA) - blues / funk
  • Mungo Jerry (GB)



GOCOO - Japan’s Magic Drummers 19th of Juy, 2012 - GYULA, Várszínház, 20:30 20th of July, 2012 - Budapest at Budapest Park, 20:00
The 2012 Sziget Blues Stage's official program.
Balkan Boogie: Wombo Orchestra (FR), Mississippi Big Beat, Savages y Suefo live act.
R33 - 1st of December. 9 pm. Mississippi Big Beat.
December 1 - R33 - 21:00. Mississippi Big Beat!
Irány Brighton! A Mississippi Big Beat zenekar kalandjai Nyugat-Európában.
Short video of the concert of the Mississippi Big Beat at Sziget Festival on the Blues Stage.
Summary of the one week of Sziget Festival
Hundreds of radio stations, diferent types of musics, from many countries.